Silverbank welcomes international investors beginning today!

I am proud to announce that today 12:00 noon, Silverbank has opened its Investment Silver Holding Account service for use by international customers.

The service opened for pilot testing initially 1st July, 2010. One and half years of private and public testing, 700 Estonian and Finnish accountholders, 3.5 tons (€ 3 million) of silver unencumbered in the vault, and 4000 transactions later, we are ready to open the service for everyone. Some countries with current or anticipated legal issues will be exempted, the list begins with United States, Canada and Japan. We are sorry to exclude such populous countries from our service, but our mission is to offer the service hassle-free.

We offer a AGD 1.00 welcome bonus for the first customer from each country! The bonus will be credited in the first purchase. We will update the list of ”claimed” countries.

At present, the services offered are Purchase, Withdrawal (sale) and Pick-up (take delivery). Later this month, Transfer will be opened for pilot testing. In the beginning, the instant transfer of metal will be available between two Silverbank holding accounts. Soon afterwards, we will enable transfer codes that can be redeemed by anyone, so that a new Account is created in the process, and transfer certificates, redeemable by the bearer.

Risto Pietilä, Founder

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